My Business is Winter

Posted by Amanda Dawley on

I am a crocheter. I make warm things out of wool / acrylic / alpaca fibers. Most things are warm and soft, therefor I run a winter business. My goal this year ( 2020 ) is to make crochet items something people can utilize, and even enjoy all year.

 Did you know everyday household items can be made with crochet and help cut down your carbon footprint? Items such as dish cloths and scrubbers, face exfoliating pads, reusable swiffer sweepers.

Rugs, Baskets and pillows can be another part of everyday life made with crochet. The options are endless! I will be posting a new item each month this year that is made using crochet, and can be used 365 days a year.

Come with me on this journey and we can grow together.

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